Restoring trust in financial services and brands presentation from DMX Dublin

Enjoyed a fantastic day at DMX Dublin where I was asked to speak about restoring trust in financial services.

Here is my presentation:

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Justin Basini

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4 thoughts on “Restoring trust in financial services and brands presentation from DMX Dublin”

  1. interesting thoughts Justin. Your presentation supports our new direction as revealed in the last few weeks. David

  2. Great presentation Justin. I read your book last year – probably best book I’ve read in a long time. I’m speaking at an Asia Insurance conference in Bangkok next week on the subject of “Treating Customers Fairly” and I have one slide devoted to your book! Can’t recommend it enough.

  3. Hi Justin
    I saw your presentation at DMX Dublin. In Ireland we feel very aggrieved at the financial penalties the banks/government have forced on us. Many people have been worried, angry or both since 2008. Information like this helps us to move on.

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