Enjoyed a fantastic day at DMX Dublin where I was asked to speak about restoring trust in financial services.  Here is my presentation: 

Apple rumors about iPhone 6 and Apple innovation

What and when will the next iPhone appear and will it be the iPhone 6? I blogged back in October 2011 at the disappointing launch of the iPhone 4S which was Apple's first major product launch post Steve Jobs that I thought that there were signs that the world's greatest industrial innovation engine was slowing. This [...]

British Airways BA experiential marketing

Last week I came across this great experiential marketing example from British Airways in Victoria Station, London, UK. British Airways had created an installation where people could play a flight simulator game and win tickets to a destination. It was very popular with long queues (probably not what they intended!).  From a marketing perspective it [...]

Seeing in the dark advice for marketers

This morning as I was waking up my 3 year old daughter Jemima came into bed for a cuddle. It was cold and she snuggled under the covers putting her head under the duvet. I heard a little voice coming up from beside me, "Dad come under the covers with me." So I dutifully dived [...]

hibu logo rebrand

Over the last couple of weeks yell.com has been rebranding as hibu. This is the latest example, in a very undistinguished line, of such rebranding failures. When the best a CEO can muster about his companies' latest rebranding is this quote below you know the company is in deep, deep trouble.  'don't read anything into it....It doesn't [...]

ALLOW battles identity theft through research with criminals

  Towards the end of last year my company ALLOW commissioned Professor of Ciminology Martin Gill to research how criminals use online information to gani our trust in order to scam people. Martin and I were on various radio stations up and down the land talking about this interesting and worrying research.  Perpetuity Research, Professor [...]

what is marketing

What is marketing exactly? This most basic of questions was fired at me by one of my blog readers the other day who posed the question in the context the massive changes wrought by digital marketing, branding, dissatisfaction with marketing teams and directors - so what is marketing today?  The guru of marketing Dr. Philip [...]

Business vision – paths to success

Business Vision: I was recently asked by a major corporation to prepare a talk on "Business vision" and how to create them. I told two stories one of Citigroup a massive bank and it's flawed vision and one about a much smaller clothing business Patagonia and it's inspirational leader.  This screencast is a 20 minute [...]

PLEASE HELP ME: 3 min survey, win a book thumbnail

  If you can't see the survey then click here. What content would You like to see on basini.com. This year I'm asking for help in prioritising my thinking and writing. PLEASE FILL IN THIS SHORT SURVEY. Thanks for your help and if you leave your email one lucky respond will get a free copy of [...]

Review of ING Direct’s latest campaign – The Campaign for a Bit of Decency

ING today splashed the latest instalment of their 'Campaign for a Bit of Decency' onto the front and back covers inside and out of the Metro. ING Direct has quite a prolific history of copy led advertising. I commented on a mortgage advert of theirs a while back questioning whether simplicity and speed of application [...]

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