Announcing the launch of CONSERVATION-ECONOMY.ORG – an invitation to join the debate on the future of our industry

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I wanted to share with you the launch of a new site ( that I founded along with 10 others which launched last week.


The purpose of this group blog and associated content is to provoke a debate on the future of the advertising and marketing professions.


There are big questions out there…..Is an economy based on consumption good for us anymore? If advertising and marketing have been created to drive consumption then what role should we play now and in the future? How culpable is marketing in some of the negative aspects of a consumption economy? What responsibilities do we have?


I attach an article that I co-authored with Jon Alexander which was published in last week’s Campaign.


If you are interested in learning more about “the great transition”, our role, the opportunities and contributing to these big questions then please visit and join in the debate.


If you would like to sign up to receive email or RSS feeds of our content then please click here. You can also follow the site on Twitter (@conserveblog)


Go on get involved.




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