Learn how to build trust in your business

Learn how to build trust in your business

Trust is the most important element in a strong profitable relationship with customers. Why Should Anyone Buy From You? by Justin Basini is an indispensable, easy to understand and use, book on building trust both with customers and within your organisation.
The book is based on in-depth research into trust, in business and brands and between people; the psychology of trust and practical examples of what builds trust. There are interviews with business leaders and case studies from many brands. Each chapter finishes with an outline guide to putting the knowledge into action for your business.

Why Should Anyone Buy From You? CoverIn depth understanding of trust

Why trust matters – a new framework for understanding and diagnosing your trust problems and opportunities What’s the matter with trust – who and what is trusted and why? Trust in marketing – does any consumer actually trust marketing anymore?

 Building trust in your business

Beginning the journey to trust – how can you command trust? The new realism – moving from a marketers “benefit” mindset to a customer’s “risk” mindset Realities and aspirations – matching brand signals with the reality

Game-changing trust in your business and brand

The turning point – from mass communications to mass interactions Are you a high trust organisation – trust is a two way thing Living-room leadership – creating big solutions to big problems The future of trust – every business is social

Interviews with major business leaders about trust in business

Why Should Anyone Buy From You? includes interviews with many business leaders who contributed their ideas on building their businesses and brands through trust, why it is important and how you can actually do it. Srini Gopalan, Director of Vodafone’s Consumer Business in the UK Cilla Snowball, AMVBBDO Rory Sutherland, Vice-Chairman Ogilvy Marek Kohn, Philosopher Nigel Gilbert, CMO, Virgin Media Mike Hughes, Director General, Incorporated Society of British Advertisers Farah Ramzan Golant, AMVBBDO Tom Farrand, The Pipeline Project Robin Wight, Chairman, The Engine Group

Case Studies of businesses and brands

First Direct RBS / Natwest Capital One Patagonia Cadburys Ryanair Pepsico Virgin BP GE Marks & Spencer

Want to build trust in your business and brand then buy Why Should Anyone Buy From You?