Justin Basini

Justin Basini

Thanks for visiting basini.com and the Thinking.Doing blog.

I’m an entrepreneur based in London. I focus on building businesses that help consumers make positive changes in their lives using their data. My latest venture is ClearScore.

I’m regularly on the TV talking about consumer, business and marketing issues. My first book “Why Should Anyone Buy from You?” was described as a ‘call to action for business’ and allowed me to explore deeply the crisis of trust in business and brands. I regularly entertain audiences at conferences and in businesses sharing my perspective and thoughts.

This blog is focused on thinking and doing. You’ll find examples of stuff I care about: entrepreneurism, clever products, great design, cool brands and uses of data that deliver real value. This blog’s been running in various forms for over 10 years which results in a slightly eclectic feel!

On a Sunday morning I can often be found running around in a rugby shirt with kids as a coach and Chair of the Minis with Ironsides Rugby.