The 5th August launch date of my up-and-coming book WHY SHOULD ANYONE BUY FROM YOU? is fast approaching.

My book is about the collapse of trust in business and brands and what you can do about it for the good of society, your customer and your business. We developed this 1 minutes video to introduce the book.

The book is available for pre-order NOW on both Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.
AMAZON.CO.UK:Why Should Anyone Buy from You?: Earn Customer Trust to Drive Business Success (Financial Times Series)

AMAZON.COM:Why Should Anyone Buy from You?: Earn customer trust to drive business success (Financial Times Series)

You can download an introductory chapter for FREE which gives a flavour of the core topics of the book.

I hope you order a copy and enjoy it.



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Entrepreneur, author of Why Should Anyone Buy From YOU?, blogger (www.basini.com), business, brand and marketing thinker and do-er, husband and dad

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