Excerpts from my interview with Rory Sutherland, chairman, Ogilvy and Mather

On shareholders, consumers and employees

‘It’s all very well to say that the shareholder is  the most important group in a company (sic) but that’s not really true when employees might work for 20 years, customers may buy for 40 years and shareholders might hold onto the stock for a couple of days as a flipping exercise for short-term gain.’

On why trust takes a backseat in businesses today

‘Most businesses run through autistic measures. Anything that is numerical triumphs over anything that is less measurable, less quantifiable and long term, such as trust. You could argue that shareholder value movement and the stranglehold of accountants over businesses have made them less trustworthy. Almost all businesses are obsessed with the short-term and this makes it hard to build trust. ‘

‘There is a great phrase that trust grows at the speed of a coconut tree and falls at the speed of a coconut.”

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