In our cynical world today it’s easy to think that to trust means to be foolish and to distrust, smart? Experiments conducted in Japan proved just the opposite.

Toshio Yamagishi from the University of Japan created a series of experiments to examine the question: Are people who trust dumb?  Through thousands of questions asked to students and several experiments conducted with them, he found that far from being an irrational thing to do, trust is in fact a skill honed by the highly intelligent.

Making finely balanced human judgements based on feelings and emotions including who, why and when to trust are life skills essential to the successful human being. When you take upon yourself the risk to trust someone, you get better and better at evaluating what signals to listen to and what to discard in making your own decisions.

Trusting is an innate human tendency but it is also a skill. Trust needs to be practised, with risks being taken and new information and experiences gained in order to hone your trust senses.

Bottom line – If you don’t trust, you don’t learn to trust and you become worse at it.

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