As rare as a diamond is finding a mission statement that reflects the real purpose of a business.

It is rare to come across a corporate mission statement that mentions making money.  But businesses have a responsibility to maximize return for their shareholders so why is it shied away from? Because most businesses have lost the honesty and bravery needed to present the value equation to customers transparently: we make a fair return when you get a good service. And that’s because many businesses don’t make a “fair” return but they “game” the consumer and make extraordinary, unjustifiable returns and in many cases they don’t deliver a “good” service but a poor one.

Even more unusual is a mission statement that actually inspires. Most corporate mission statements are complete and utter rubbish, full of stereo-typical and generic promises that mean little to anyone.  They rarely tell you what the businesses does or what it cares about but rather reflect what the corporation thinks we want to hear.

Perhaps it is time to sit back and think up powerful mission statements that represent the truth about making money for delivering new, exciting and good products and services to our customers. Then we can ask  ourselves whether this truth inspires us to get up in the morning and go to work.

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