It could well be one of the most vital ingredients of our existence; a foundation of the economy, our businesses, and our brands, perhaps even society itself.  Trust is an easy thing to feel but a hard thing to decode.

In this fast moving era of the 24×7 news cycle, with the eruption of information availability and our changing social landscape – trust is one factor that has not only become more complex but has also failed entirely on several occasions with major consequences.

From Lehman brothers to BP to Toyota to British politicians’ expenses to global warming science and even the global financial meltdown, brands and their consumers have suffered from serious, catastrophic collapses in trust.

In spite of these transformed markets and a more cynical consumer all is not lost. Over the next few weeks and months we will be exploring the landscape of trust and how you can build and rebuild trust in your business, brand or organisation.

Through a series of blog posts and excerpts from my new book Why Should Anyone Buy from You? we will create insights around strategy, brands, marketing and communication that will help you create trust in brands and drive the growth of your businesses.

If you want to know about what we believe can be the twenty-first century mission for marketing – the re-humanization of business then keep reading.

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