This lamp is cheap at £7.99 and feels cheap






This lamp is expensive at £49.99 and feels expensive






This lamp is quite cheap at £12.99 but feels expensive

Why does it feel so expensive? Chrome styling helps but mainly it’s because of the addition of a VERY heavy base which makes it weigh alot. This makes it feel more luxurious and akin to the very expensive lamp. You feel like you are getting alot for your money as you lug the heavy box out of the shop.

It’s often the subtle, cheap to implement signals that you build into a product which break the price-value equation for the consumer giving your product an advantage in the competitive marketplace.

What subtle signals of product and brand quality are you building into your product?

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2 min Video book review: Cradle to Cradle

Last week I read a fantastic book called Cradle to Cradle about eco-effective product design. Really easy to read and really mind expanding. Definitely a read for all those involved in designing and delivering products.

Here is a link to it on Amazon (its an affiliate link so you know!) and my two minute video review.

I am thinking of doing a series of these video book reviews. Please give me feedback on whether you think they work and what I should include.

Here is also a TED talk by William Mcdonough on the key concepts.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and share these important concepts.



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