The Filter Bubble by Eli Pariser – video book review

Review summary of The Filter Bubble: A fantastically interesting and easy to grasp book that explores an important consequence of the personalisation revolution. A must read. 

The Filter Bubble is a thought provoking read by Eli Pariser. Mr Pariser is a veteran online campaigner who one of the world's largest citizen's organisations. I've followed his writings and thinking over the past few years especially in the context of my business ALLOW. The Filter Bubble is easy to read with some really great examples and stories contained within it's pages. He talks about the obvious companies such as Google and Facebook but also those that are in the background such as Experian and Axciom. If you interested in the internet, privacy, marketing, society, or just curious about how Google makes the decisions it does on what to show you then this is a good book to read.

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I can’t believe it – bing wins – a better search engine than Google!

Got frustrated tonight with same old stuff coming up on Google. Had a novel idea….what about trying Bing?

And….oh….my…..god….it was better than Google. Different, more relevant, somehow deeper results. Google seems to be getting more and more surface, whereas bing revealed some truly interesting content linked to my search more deeply.

I for one thank the lord that I now have an alternative to Google, or maybe my alternative to Bing will be Google going forward?