Christmas on a shoestring for the ChrissyB Show

Christmas on a shoestring? Is it possible?

Had great fun on Monday evening on my monthly slot on the ChrissyB Show on Sky 203 talking about Christmas on a Shoestring. Chrissy and I chatted about the marketing fun and games that happen at Christmas as advertisers spend billions trying to persaude us to part with our cash in a £5bn spending spree. The average household in the UK spends nearly £1000 on Christmas when all is said and done.

on the set of the ChrissyB Show

But is that what Christmas should be about?

We all know that it isn't – Christmas is about connecting with family and friends, showing kids that they are loved and valued through more than just presents and having fun. We shared 5 top tips for a good Christmas on a shoestring.  

Think about the Christmas you really want 

that doesn't mean the stuff you want but what you will really remember from this special time. Can you even remember what you got for Christmas last year?

Give time and effort not money

In our ultra time stressed world the most luxurious commodity is time – so why not give some time and effort rather than the easy choice of an expensive gift

Remember everything will be cheaper in the New Year

This is a great one to bear in mind – everything that you see before Christmas "on sale" or at bargain prices will be cheaper in the New Year – that's the way of the world. Bear that in mind before splashing out. 

Give a gift to someone less fortunate

It's scientifically proven that giving thanks for what you have and doing something for those less fortunate than you are will make you happier – and what better time to do it than at Christmas? 

Never get into debt for Christmas 

One third will spend more than they have at Christmas and get into debt. This is NEVER a good idea. Explain to family and friends that you can't spend alot and most will understand. Clearing the debt headache in January is never easy and leads to a bad start to the year!

Watch the show on the ChirssyB Show YouTube channel.

Also on the show was Michelle from Being Creative – a wonderful blog about downshifting, making and growing things. Michelle brought loads of lovely homemade goodies for us to try as gifts for Christmas. Check out Michelle's site for recipes and ideas.