This blog has just been listed on Alltop

Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

I am proud to say that this blog has just been selected for listing on Alltop. If you don’t know about Alltop it is a very cool blog/content aggregation tool which you can use to set up your “own magazine”. I use it alot to go through lots of blogs quickly on the subjects that interest me such as branding, marketing, banking, starting up a business and leadership. You can also do fun stuff like share your selections with friends – you can see my Alltop page here.

You can find my blog under Marketing (click or search for marketing on Alltop front page) and I am the last blog (right at the bottom) – well you have to start somewhere!

Hope you continue to enjoy my blogs and using Alltop.

Thanks to the team at Alltop for reviewing my blog and selecting it for listing.

Next challenge is to get Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki) to retweet one of my blogs!



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