Saw this CityIndex campaign on the Waterloo and City line this morning.

I’m sure that it is a strong insight for traders but it’s such a shame that losing out on great experiences such as spending time with your kids or holidays is so often a signal of a life out of balance. Of course there is the counter argument that this new app allows these traders to take holidays or spend time with their children (otherwise they would be tied to their screens at the office) but surely we should be encouraging more balance and not celebrating the behaviour which arguably contributed to the mess and hubris in the City over the past few years.

Another example of marketing which will probably work to sell more stuff but not care for the common good.

What do you think? Feel free to comment.  


Is “easy and quick” really a compelling benefit in the mortgage market – ING Direct seem to think so…

ING DIrect Mortgage Ad

ING Direct are celebrating the fact their mortgage applications are easy and
quick. Given a mortgage is one of the most important financial decisions of
your life I would have thought "careful and considered" might be more
important. Certainly from a risk perspective I'm not sure I'd want to lend
to people who want a mortgage application to be a quick, 25 minute process.

What do you think?

Justin Basini

New #ad introduces the Homeserve characters….

One of my team (Dan Grainger) is now working at Homeserve – they have just launched a new TV ad.

You can watch it here:

Simple concept, good characters (maybe too many?), as with all these character based things the trick is in the integration with the rest of the comms so that they have impact. They have been integrated into the website so far so good.

Good luck with the new campaign Dan.