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“This is what I came for big thinking!”

Tweeted comment from audience member after one of my speaking sessions

Speaking at corporate, business, team events

Public speaking at team, corporate and conference events is something that I am being asked to do more and more frequently for a wide range of businesses and teams. As a speaker I am always highly engaging, interactive and base my content on my personal experience combined with deep research in support. I tailor every speaking event for the particular event so that the audience gets a challenging and impactful session. I’m not one of these speakers who just turn up with the standard stories and slides and roll that out! I spend time to understand the goals of the event and how I can help deliver the change or knowledge required.

Telling stories that create change

When I am a speaker at an event I tend to tell stories, illustrated dynamically, and with interaction with the audience so that all learning styles (auditory, visual and kinaesthetic) are catered for. I speak about business situations from my own experience as well as wider history that illustrate the key opportunities and often use scientific analogy to illustrate key points. Here is some of the feedback that I’ve recieved:

“Impactful content and really enjoyable style – please come again next year”

“Justin was a great chair – innovative, engaging and authoritative”

“Justin’s presentation was well thought through and full of real examples”



Some of the companies that I have spoken for:

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Recent presentations have covered the following topics:

You can also visit my Slideshare site to see some of my presentations and slidecasts

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