It’s got ridiculous: two change of terms docs, 23 pages from Halifax, 16 pages from Citi

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MVI_1861.AVI (2939 KB)

19 sentences changed in the Halifax document but they sent me the whole thing!

25 sentences changed in the Citi document and they sent me the whole thing!


Now I worked in the financial services industry for years and I understand the need for well managed agreements and transparency. But they all know, and we all know, that very few people read these documents in detail so it is a case of arse covering. And that goes for the regulators too – who are in the mode of “as long as you’ve told people (whether they have understood it or not) then its buyer beware.”


And for the enviro-geeks (like me) looks like both docs are printed on coated virgin paper with no FSC claims (I’m hoping this is an oversight). At least the Halifax included recycle me logo.


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