How this site is funded

This site is funded by Justin Basini and a small amount of advertising, affiliate links and recommendations. The revenue generating aspects of the site are there to try and cover the costs of running the site and nothing more. I share this information so that I am completely transparent about how this site works.

Advertising on

I run advertising via Google Adsense and nrelate. I am registered with both these schemes and receive small amounts of money when ever an advert is clicked on by a reader of my blog.

Affiliate links on

I am an affiliate of Amazon and Thesis (DIY Themes). I never use affiliate links for products that I do not genuinely review or think are great.

Links to books or products that I recommend under an affiliate scheme mean that if any sales come from this click then I get a commission of between 1% to 5% dependent on the scheme.

Links on

I occasionally host links to blogs, brands or organistions that I recommend and want to spread the word about. These links can be revenue generating.


If you would be interested in getting your products, books or organisation promoted on then please get in touch.

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