Consulting – marketing, business, brands, from big businesses to startups

Consulting with interesting businesses is something that I do when I really love the challenge, brand, business or team. I tend to work in a hands-on way, coming in, setting key strategies and plans in place and then starting the implementation working with the team or people in place. This tends to be very cost effective and high impact way to consult and drive value for businesses, especially startups.

Business + brand: marketing consulting from strategy and execution

I've consulted on the following challenges for different companies and brands:

  • Positioning and proposition development
  • Consumer and market research
  • Product development
  • Brand strategy and planning
  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Reducing CPA and driving conversion
  • AB Testing programmes
  • Fast-start marketing – getting the key elements in place for start-ups
  • Content marketing and development
  • Getting teams to work better together
  • Building brand trust
  • Building team trust
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Team training on media, PPC, SEO and integrated marketing

Connections and global experience

In my career in business I've worked with the biggest of global brands, such as Pantene or Olay, to my own startup ALLOW. I've worked in high pressure brand led environments such as Procter & Gamble to extremely acquisition focused companies such as Capital One. I've worked around the world from Japan, to the US to Germany and almost everywhere in between. Having started my own business I've got a soup to nuts view of marketing from setting up Adwords or Adsense programmes to spending millions on brand advertising. Having been at the coal face for nearly 20 years I've got a very extensive network of contacts and can fast track marketing plans from strategy to execution very quickly and efficiently. I've consulted with the following companies: Shell, World Online, Egg, Prudential, Hyperion Insurance, SEB, Barclays, Kimoda, Scope. I am always interested to hear about and consult with interesting brand and marketing challenges. I often combine my expertise with a range of best in class consultancies so if you are interested in getting  my help then please get in touch for consulting. I have worked extensively across Europe and the US.

I'm very happy to chat about consulting with your business, brand or team so get in touch for consulting.