New #ad introduces the Homeserve characters….

One of my team (Dan Grainger) is now working at Homeserve – they have just launched a new TV ad.

You can watch it here:

Simple concept, good characters (maybe too many?), as with all these character based things the trick is in the integration with the rest of the comms so that they have impact. They have been integrated into the website so far so good.

Good luck with the new campaign Dan.

Personality from morethan – little touches always bring a brand to life so much more

Received this piece of DM from morethan a few days ago. Good use of my pet data (probably from a previously requested quote) and I really liked the touch at the end with their Marketing Director signing off as a “dog lover”. Justin Basini

Powermat advert: a good use of cbsoutdoor moving poster #advertising (seen at Covent Garden tube)

Download now or watch on posterous

powermat2.3GP (1083 KB)

…..In a blog from a few months ago I bemoaned the poor use creatively of the projected poster formats that CBSOutdoor have put into the London tube network. I recorded this today and it is a nice use of the format. Lots of bright animation and well branded; uses a lot of black to overcome the relatively weak projection. Also sounds like a cool product. Justin Basini

New store #design wins me over at #Mcdonalds – a better place to hang than #Starbucks

When I am spending the day writing (my book by the way) at the British Library in Kings Cross I normally grab a coffee at Starbucks. This morning I walked past a new cool looking store front and walked in. Cool music, free wifi, a plasma screen showing BBC News 24, cool furniture and an ok coffee for £1.49. Yep it was McDonalds and I really liked it.
Justin Basini