Excellent ebook on pricing by @toddsattersten Fixed to Flexible – worth reading

As recommended by Seth Godin’s blog this morning. Todd Sattersten (@toddsattersten) has written an interesting and easy to read ebook on pricing:

Read it here: http://www.toddsattersten.com/

Trendhunter Pro – cutting edge trend hunting from around the globe

Last year I recommended the best selling book – Exploiting Chaos – by a friend of mine Jeremy Gutsche.

Jeremy’s website Trend Hunter continues to go from strength to strength. His model is fascinating. He has thousands of “trend hunters” posting interesting content about stuff happening all over the world. But what I really love is the way that they are exploiting and developing insight from this content.

The guys have launched a new service called TrendHunter Pro Trend Reports. These are great syntheses of what is hot from all the content posted on Trend Hunter. If you are in consumer insight or want to know about the real cutting edge trends happening now then they are worth looking at. Trend Hunter is great example of how powerful the democratisation of the creation of content is to delivering insight and value.

Click here to visit Trend Hunter.

[Disclosure: If you buy through the above link then I receive a commission on this sale. This does not affect my recommendation of what I think is a good product. If you prefer not to recognise my recommendation through a commission then you can use this link: www.trendhunter.com]

Have fun exploiting what’s hot and what’s not!


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New Barclays concept branch Piccadilly Circus

Walked past this impressive new Barclays concept branch in Piccadilly Circus this morning. Very multimedia and as is the trend mostly electronic interaction points with a couple of staff walking around.

I actually like these electronic branches because when they work they allow you to get to the service you need more quickly. However I think they also require a different type of staff member one who can respond to more in-depth enquiries with thoughtful solutions and advice (yes advice!).

Community involvement at Waitrose

Have been meaning to post this for a while. Waitrose (UK supermarket) are connecting with their customers and local community through their charitable giving. As you check out you are given a plastic green coin which you can then use to vote for one of three local charities. I love this its engaging for the customer, raises the profile of local charities and issues, and connects a national high street brand with a sense of connection with their local community. Justin Basini
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