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Winner Financial Services Forum Marketer of the Year 2008

I was delighted to receive the Marketer of the Year Award 2008 at the The Financial Services Forum Awards for Marketing Effectiveness at the dinner last week. As I said in my acceptance speech the award was as much a recognition of my team and journey of brand repositioning and marketing effectiveness that we went [...]

This was an important presentation to Marketing Direct's Green Marketing Conference sharing the progress that Capital One had made on creating a more sustainable, more effective, integrated and multi-channel marketing model. Marketing Direct's Green Marketing Conference 2008 presentation on sustainable marketing model at Capital One

Defining the future of direct marketing in the UK

  Speech starts: I'd like to start with a test.   OPEN WITH GORILLA VIDEO ON DVD.   Purpose:   The effect that some of us have just experienced is a psychological phenomenon called “Inattentional blindness” and it is caused by over focusing on objects and therefore missing a major element of the picture. This [...]

Outside Perspective: brand, US and the credit crunch

Outside Perspective - brand, US and the credit crunch

Changing the perception of a brand

Download the changing the perception of a brand presentation

Power to the People

Download Power to the People article from Brand Strategy Magazine by Justin Basini

Download the paper Developing Integrated Multiple Channel Brand Experiences

Brand: More than just a pretty face

  Click to Download Brand Power - Dynamix Article

'It's fascinating work' Interview with Justin Basini, brand development, the Indpendent