Winner Financial Services Forum Marketer of the Year 2008

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I was delighted to receive the Marketer of the Year Award 2008 at the The Financial Services Forum Awards for Marketing Effectiveness at the dinner last week. As I said in my acceptance speech the award was as much a recognition of my team and journey of brand repositioning and marketing effectiveness that we went through at Capital One.  The award was voted for by the judging panel and members of the Financial Services Forum and they were kind enough to say the following:  "Justin sits on the leadership team…read more


Marketing Direct’s Green Marketing Conference presentation – Moving to a multi-channel, integrated marketing model

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This was an important presentation to Marketing Direct's Green Marketing Conference sharing the progress that Capital One had made on creating a more sustainable, more effective, integrated and multi-channel marketing model. Marketing Direct's Green Marketing Conference 2008 presentation on sustainable marketing model at Capital One


Defining the future of direct marketing in the UK

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  Speech at the “Profiting from Green Policies Conference”  – 9th November 2007 – London, UK Speech starts: I'd like to start with a test.   OPEN WITH GORILLA VIDEO ON DVD.   Purpose:   The effect that some of us have just experienced is a psychological phenomenon called “Inattentional blindness” and it is caused by over focusing on objects and therefore missing a major element of the picture. This is a neat introduction to the challenges facing our industry: there is a gorilla passing through our game and we…read more