The case for connectedness and influence – our view on the European referendum | europe

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First published on the ClearScore blog on 1st June 2016 I’ve thought long and hard about whether to publish this blog. It represents my personal view of the upcoming EU Referendum. However, and this is the aspect that gave me pause for thought, it also represents the view of the corporate body that is ClearScore. I think it is incredibly important that employees and users understand both sides of the argument and have clarity on the views of the people and businesses that they rely on. To this end, the…read more

Unicorns and wizards: #LDNTechWeek | London Tech Week

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This week has been #LDNTechWeek and London has been buzzing with conferences, talks, events and exhibitions. The week started with the announcement that London has produced 13 tech unicorns which are Tech companies that have reached a >£1bn valuation. They include Farfetch (clothing marketplace), JustEat (online food ordering), Skrill (payments) and Zoopla (property search). These companies prove that finally we are creating a sustainable and world class technology sector in the UK. These companies also prove that we are creating an environment in the UK where finally entrepreneurial ventures aren’t something the…read more

BBC Interview about identity theft and ALLOW’s advice

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  Towards the end of last year my company ALLOW commissioned Professor of Ciminology Martin Gill to research how criminals use online information to gani our trust in order to scam people. Martin and I were on various radio stations up and down the land talking about this interesting and worrying research.  Perpetuity Research, Professor Gill's research group has posted the interview from BBC Radio Leicester. Perpetuity Research, Professor Gill's research group has posted the interview from BBC Radio Leicester. We alos created a video of a criminal speaking about…read more



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Business Vision: I was recently asked by a major corporation to prepare a talk on "Business vision" and how to create them. I told two stories one of Citigroup a massive bank and it's flawed vision and one about a much smaller clothing business Patagonia and it's inspirational leader.  This screencast is a 20 minute version of the hour presentation buts gives you the key points of the stories.  The key points illustrated by these compelling stories of success and failure around setting a business vision are:  Business Vision requires…read more


Thesis 2.0 review for non-web expert marketers and bloggers

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Thesis 2.0: running a website or want to? This could help you   Thesis 2.0 is something I've based my refresh of on and so I wanted to review it. It's a bit of a departure for me but I wanted to share my views because this new theme system for WordPress seems to have really polarised people – some love it and some hate it! Let's start with some background. Many people run their websites using WordPress – which started as a blogging platform (and of course still is)…read more


Best Books for Christmas | christmas, book

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Books for Christmas? Well it's the 1st December so time to offer some help in the run up to Christmas! If you are looking for some Christmas Book inspiration for friends, family, colleagues or your team what better than to give a top business or marketing book to give them something to think about when they aren't passing the port or munching on a mince pie. These are the best books that I've read recently and I've sorted them into four sections: digital and internet, brand & marketing, economics & business,…read more


Tell me what this blog should focus on in 2013

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If you can't see the survey then click here. What content would You like to see on This year I'm asking for help in prioritising my thinking and writing. PLEASE FILL IN THIS SHORT SURVEY. Thanks for your help and if you leave your email one lucky respond will get a free copy of my book – Why Should Anyone Buy From You? worth £19.99.  Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.



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  This morning Cadbury, the UK multi-national confectionery manufacturer, and Kraft, the US based multi-national food conglomerate, announced they had agreed the much contested takeover bid for £11.5bn. I am a consumer and shareholder of Cadbury. Food brands are all about trust, and chocolate even more so because it is an emotional category. Cadbury is an iconic British brand with a rich and socially aware history. In its early days Cadbury was a major employer of women and had a paternalistic attitude to its employees (in a good sense) investing in their welfare. Cadbury…read more



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The launch of a new book has had me reflecting on that most overused and misused word in the business lexicon – Innovation… That book is Jeremy Gutsche of book: EXPLOITING CHAOS. Jeremy has kindly allowed me to link to a free download of pages and examples from the book. It looks really exciting to me – I’ve always enjoyed the more visual business books such as Tom Peter’s The Pursuit of Wow or The Medium is the Message by Marshall Mcluhan and EXPLOITING CHAOS looks extremely enticing. Some…read more


RT @tomfarrand What will be the biggest trend in marketing in the next 3 years?

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For those of you that follow me on twitter (@justinbasini or or follow Tom Farrand (@tomfarrand or you may have noticed Tom’s question about the biggest trends in marketing in the next three years. This made me reflect. I like the question because of its relatively short term nature which is especially pertinent given the macro economic environment we are in. Dominic Grounsell (@domgrounsell or suggested technology and thrift which I agree with. The transparency and access that the information age has given rise to will continue…read more