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Business Vision: I was recently asked by a major corporation to prepare a talk on "Business vision" and how to create them. I told two stories one of Citigroup a massive bank and it's flawed vision and one about a much smaller clothing business Patagonia and it's inspirational leader.  This screencast is a 20 minute [...]

PLEASE HELP ME: 3 min survey, win a book

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  If you can't see the survey then click here. What content would You like to see on This year I'm asking for help in prioritising my thinking and writing. PLEASE FILL IN THIS SHORT SURVEY. Thanks for your help and if you leave your email one lucky respond will get a free copy of [...]

My book now available on Kindle

Now you can read all about how trust works, what you can do to create, nurture and capture it on your favourite e-reader. For more information on Why Should Anyone Buy from YOU? including videos, praise and free chapter click here.

Best Books for Christmas | christmas, book

Books for Christmas recommendations and reviews

Well it's the 1st December so time to offer some help in the run up to Christmas! If you are looking for some Christmas Book inspiration for friends, family, colleagues or your team what better than to give a top business or marketing book to give them something to think about when they aren't passing the [...]

The Filter Bubble by Eli Pariser – video book review

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The Filter Bubble is a thought provoking read by Eli Pariser. Mr Pariser is a veteran online campaigner who one of the world's largest citizen's organisations. I've followed his writings and thinking over the past few years especially in the context of my business ALLOW. The Filter Bubble is easy to read with some [...]

A great give-away at the Meaningful Brands Conference

My book was a conference give away at the Meaningful Brands Conference - given away to a 100 top marketing and media folks!

Tell me what this blog should focus on in 2013

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If you can't see the survey then click here. What content would You like to see on This year I'm asking for help in prioritising my thinking and writing. PLEASE FILL IN THIS SHORT SURVEY. Thanks for your help and if you leave your email one lucky respond will get a free copy of [...]

At last! I found my book in Waterstones

At last found my book in Waterstones! It's been sold out elsewhere which I suppose is a good thing!



Trust is the proverbial bad penny for financial services. Pages of analysis have been devoted to rebuilding it. Has any of it made a difference? By understanding trust more deeply trust can be rebuilt.

Richard Madden, Chief Strategy Officer at Kitcatt Nohr Digitas, has been reading my book and shares his thoughts on brand and business trust in his regular Marketing Week column.


From Lehman brothers to BP to Toyota to British politicians’ expenses to global warming science and even the global financial meltdown, brands and their consumers have suffered from serious, catastrophic collapses in trust.Through a series of blog posts and excerpts from my new book Why Should Anyone Buy from You? we will create insights around strategy, brands, marketing and communication that will help you create trust in brands and understand the twenty-first century mission for marketing: the re-humanization of business.


Fear is the ‘lower order’ stick and the brand is the ‘higher order’ carrot. Think of all the ads which claim that if you don’t buy this or that brand you are running mortal risk. The soap and detergent ads that destroy our invisible enemies – bacteria – and protect our children. One ad campaign or another may not have effect on the overall level of fear in society but, combined with the media and all other fear-based messages from other brands, it does contribute to the overall negative impact.


The 5th August launch date of my up-and-coming book WHY SHOULD ANYONE BUY FROM YOU? is fast approaching.

My book is about the collapse of trust in business and brands and what you can do about it for the good of society, your customer and your business. We developed this 1 minutes video to introduce the book.


Trust in business is at an all-time low. If your customers don’t trust you, you can spend as much time, effort and money as you want on marketing campaigns, branding and advertising and it will barely move the needle. This revealing book shows how the only reliable route to sustainable business growth and profit is to build trust in your company.

New blog post over at Some thoughts on some things that businesses have forgotten and should remember if they ever want to build trust in their brands. Have fun! Thanks for reading. Justin


tweetmeme_url = '';tweetmeme_source = 'justinbasini';tweetmeme_alias = ''; Many of my real world friends who read this blog might be bored by me banging on about trust - so I apologise off the bat for this post. But quite few of my readers dropped me a line following my recent trust post about BT so I thought [...]

New blog following a debate at the Financial Services Forum this morning. Justin Basini Thinking about marketing, branding and advertising. Open for chatting, collaborating and consulting. +44 (0)7786548395 Visit my website at: Read my blog at: Follow my Twitter feed at: Did you know you can get updates from me so [...]


After a really interesting RSA talk yesterday by John Lanchester author of the book about the credit crunch called Whoops! I’ve captured my thoughts in my latest blog post Morality and Banking.

Battle of the Big Thinking….Escaping the Matrix

Well after what seems like a very tough few weeks with wet towels wrapped around my head I emerged nervous and sweating for The Battle of the Big Thinking conference organised by Campaign and sponsored by APG.You can see the presentation plus a slidecast of the speech and the core ideas at:escapingthematrix.basini.comHave a look and [...]

This blog has just been listed on Alltop

I am proud to say that this blog has just been selected for listing on Alltop. If you don't know about Alltop it is a very cool blog/content aggregation tool which you can use to set up your "own magazine". I use it alot to go through lots of blogs quickly on the subjects that [...]