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Career in Marketing – do you want a successful career in the marketing or communications professions? Read on….

You CAN get the career you want

Ambitious? Talented? Want to succeed in marketing?
Need to learn what a marketing boss is looking for?
Do you want to succeed and learn the key marketing career skills that you need?

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I will give you practical marketing career advice to get a career in marketing….

Reaching your potential and the top in marketing requires talent and drive but also the right marketing career advice. Planning your career is vital if you want to become a marketing director or a CMO – or just get to that next step. You need to understand what it takes to get into marketing and then making the right moves at the right time, get the right training, find the right mentor, and get rewarded for all your efforts. This is what a successful career in marketing is made up of and are essential if you are to achieve your career goals and fulfil your potential.

I will tell you how to get a successful career in marketing

Building a career in marketing – this is vital information to help you get to where you want to be

If you are in marketing or any of the communications professions and want to achieve your career goals, be happier and more confident, and reach your potential then this course is for you. Are you doing better than your peer group or starting to fall behind their success? I will help you to maximise your marketing career. Whether you are just starting out, a talented go-getter or maybe feeling stuck in a rut then this course will give you the inside track on achieving your goals. 

Marketing career advice from someone who became a Marketing Director by 34

Justin Basini in Marketing Magazine - a career in marketingI'm Justin Basini and I was where you are now. I started at the bottom and hit a few career potholes along the way but by the age of 34 I was a Marketing Director managing 65 people and a marketing budget of £60 million for Capital One. I started my career at the premier marketing company in the world Procter & Gamble, then worked for a UK marketing consultancy and then went to Deutsche Bank. I was Marketing Director of Capital One from 2005 to 2009. I've worked for US, UK, European companies both large and small – I've seen a wide range of performance management systems and approaches. I can help you navigate the complex world of managing your career and give you specific and practical marketing career advice. Learn more about me.

I've spent my career marketing for some great US, UK and European companies: 

Career in marketing advice from Justin Basini

I have recruited, built and interviewed potential recruits for marketing jobs both entry level and experienced over many years. I have been a gate keeper to a career in marketing. Nothing gave me more pride than helping my team achieve success, identifying what they wanted out of their life and career and giving them the marketing career advice that they needed.

Now I'm going to spill the beans on how to get a successful career in marketing

I will coach you through specific marketing career advice and you will learn: 

  • The key thinking skills you need to succeed as a marketer
  • What your boss really wants from you
  • The secrets of fitting in with your team, your boss and your business
  • How to play the system
  • How to negotiate a bigger raise
  • How to get that promotion
  • Why creating a personal brand is essential to reach your potential

Practical marketing career advice that is both easy and entertaining to learn

This e-course is designed to be easy for you to use and learn from as you get the marketing career advice and coaching that you want. There are 10 modules, each has a 10-20 minute video illustrating the key points and key techniques that you need to use to create success. The videos also include some role plays where you see the common mistakes that are made in interviews, promotion discussions and performance appraisals – we even role play how to ask for a raise and give negative feedback to your boss. You get a written guide and worksheet for each module to use to answer the key questions and help you practise the skills you need to reach your potential. 

Finally you will get enrolled onto the unique Marketing Career Advice email. This provides you everyday for a month with tips, tricks and takes you through the course. That's intensive marketing career advice including 2 hours of video, 50 pages of text, over 30 tips and tricks emails and 10 worksheets. 

All these materials are available immediately you sign up to the How to Become a Marketing Director course. 

Money-back guarantee – if I don't help you – I'll give you your money back

I'm so confident that this course will help you get a better career trajectory that I will back it up with a money-back guarantee. If you don't become more confident, have a better review, get that promotion or pay rise, or new job then just email me and I'll refund your payment no questions asked. 

But don't take my word for it – listen to these marketers who have gone through the course already and what they achieved. 

John recommends this marketing career advice course

"I really wanted to get some advice about how to achieve my next promotion and plan my career. This course helped me a tonne."

John, 28, London

  Caroline recommends this marketing career course

"I was scared about my performance appraisal and needed some help thinking through what i wanted out of my career – this course was invaluable."

Caroline, 26, London

No bull, just practical advice to maximise your career in marketing

Let’s cut out the bull and get to the important stuff. It's taken me my whole career to amass the insight I’ve distilled into this course – why spend time getting it wrong when you can get the inside track here? Get get that career in marketing, get richer, become happier and achieve your potential all at once.
For the next month as a launch promotion I’m reducing the price of this powerful course from £99 to just £49! AND if you want to try the course out first then just send me your email address and I’ll give you a module absolutely free!

Great value! 2 hours of video, 50 pages of advice, 30 emails all delivered to you

Cumulative marketing career earnings - how to become a marketing directorIs it worth it? Well if you use this course to maximise your career in marketing then you could earn several MILLION £££s or $$$s over the course of your whole career. But the rewards in marketing are very poorly distributed – those at the top or seen to have massive potential get rewarded MUCH more highly than those that don't. Therefore you need to manage your career so that you have the right conversations at the right time, know where you are going, and how to get there. Unfortunately talent is not enough – you need to have the confidence to get and manage your career in marketing and your boss to ensure that you get the rewards that you deserve for all your effort. 

Get the career coaching you deserve

How much marketing specific career advice do you get at the moment? Does your boss or your boss's boss take the time to mentor or coach you? When you joined your current company did they take the time to really explain how the appraisal or performance system works? Are there any books out there about how to manage your marketing career rather than general advice about how to get into marketing?

Believe it or not, you have the job that many, many, young people want. You need to manage your marketing career proactively, with purpose to achieve your potential. This course will give you a structured approach to achieving your aspirations by taking concrete steps and having the conversations you need. All created by someone who has had a successful career in marketing just like you. 


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  • Video! 2 hours of marketing career advice videos
  • Text! 50 pages of marketing career advice
  • Email! 30 marketing career advice emails to take you through the course
  • Worksheets! 10 interactive worksheets to ensure your success
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Get and manage a great career in marketing with the coaching you deserve

Sign up today, best of luck in your career in marketing. 

Justin Basini

Justin Basini - I will help youJustin Basini How to Become a Marketing Director

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